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Water Heater Care

Mighty CleanCleaning your water heater on a regular basis means significant savings on your electricity bill. Unfortunately the hot water heater care is neglected, leaving money on the table. Today’s hot water heaters are very reliable, supplying hot water for bathing, laundry, dishwashing, and more – month after month. They have an average lifetime of at least 12 years, but without proper care their life is shorten by 25%! Since replacing your water heater can cost $2000 and more, the regular maintenance can save you lots of money. The cleaning service includes burners, pilot orifices and the replacement of the anode rods that prevent electrolytic corrosion. In addition, regular draining every six months helps remove deposits and helps prevent rust-outs and stained water from circulating in your home. Regular burner service also helps to prevent inefficient combustion and helps prevent any risk of carbon monoxide being released into your home.

Note! Combine water heater cleaning and servicing with additional cleaning services like furnace and air conditioning duct cleaning, and take advantage of our discounts!

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We clean the water heater’s burners, the burner assembly, orifices and pilot assembly. Cleaning a gas water heater prolongs its service life. Clean the burner ports every two years and replace the anode rod every five years. The water heater needs draining every six months. A gas water heater lasts about 12 years. Each procedure keeps the water clean.

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