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100% Natural Carpet Cleaning Products

Mighty Clean is a green Carpet Cleaning business, using eco-friendly products. Whenever we start a new cleaning project we offer our clients the option to have their homes or offices cleaned only with eco-friendly products, protecting our environment. We are always working hard to convince our clients to use green cleaning methods, explaining them the damages produced by the conventional way of cleaning. Mighty Clean uses a wide variety of earth/people friendly products, our favorite being Go Clean Green. We strive to make a difference by educating people on the positive effects of using eco-friendly products.

Fortunately most of our valued clients are well aware of the impact the cleaning chemicals have on humans as well as our environment. The constantly rising rate of cancer and lung diseases found in cleaners using carcinogenic or toxic chemicals speaks for itself. Our Organic carpet cleaning services use only Organic and Natural products, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for both our clients and employees.

The organic products we use are safer and healthier, yet many cleaning companies still use products that contain chemicals and toxins. By using these chemicals and toxins to clean houses and offices, they expose families and employees to potential intoxicating products.

If you care about your environment and if you want to protect your family or co-workers don’t compromise. If you have allergies, respiratory problems, asthma or if you experience any sensitivity let us know. If you have small children or if you own a pet, you can rest assured that we’ll act with great care and responsibility. Try our services and help protect our Environment and Mother Earth.

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15542 131 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5V 1S8
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