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Tips to save energy cost this summer by reducing air conditioning use and increasing efficiency

In all summer seasons, air condition system consumes your energy very much. Whatever it may, a central air condition system or a window unit; it consumes huge energy. This is a serious problem which affects many users but it is a reality that there are resolutions for reducing the energy cost. The possibility for making reduction in your electricity bill for a considerable amount of dollar is going to be described here.

The first thing you should take care for reducing the cost of air condition is the comparison between the place where you are planning to use and the product you are decided to buy i.e. here the total area where you are planning to fix the air condition and the number of windows. For example if you are purchasing a small unit for a spacious room then it has to be work hard and it only helps to increase your energy cost. Therefore you should buy the air condition according to the capacity of room specification. If you are purchasing a centralized air conditioning system you should be concerned about it seasonal energy efficiency ratio. If the centralized air conditioning system is having less efficiency (Seer number) it will consume more energy. So if you are buying the same having more seer number i.e. 10 and above it will give more efficiency though the energy consuming also will become less. But the price of this product may comparatively high therefore select the one depending upon the climate of the place where you live.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Another important thing is, how the air-condition system is being used. Currently the air condition system which can be operated through a mobile phone is also available in the market though by using these type of options the unnecessary usage can be avoided. Like that the usage of fan is also very important. It is very useful to balance the temperature of the room by keeping the ceiling fan switch on while air condition is being used. Like that use of curtains in the area where sunlight is directly come inside and this will helps to reduce the heat of sunlight especially in window sides. This is mostly affecting in the southern and western portions. You should make sure that the area which is under air conditioning system is protected from heavy air leakage.

Regular Checkup of your Air Conditioning System

After fixing an air condition unit, regular check up is necessary. Nowadays many companies are providing free services for the first one year of purchase. Whether you are receiving these free services or not you should make sure about the annual check has been done. Like that, every month the filter has to cleaned or replaced. After a certain number of years its efficiency become slowly gets decreasing. It may be possible for your local technical to keep it in working condition. But it is not sure that it is possible to keep it with cost efficient. If you feel you are going through such type of situation then immediately you should have to replace your air conditioning system. The cost incurred for this can be saved from the next 2 to 3 years of your electricity bill.

You can reduce the energy cost of air conditioning usage by applying the above mentioned methods. In this the importance depends upon the product you are purchasing, its usage and its efficiency etc. Always you should give importance for calculating its running cost. You should be clearly aware about the leak, filter etc. Another thing you should have to pay attention is the environment to be arranged in your house. Always you should set the air conditioning system in a comfortable temperature because it cannot work beyond a limit with uncomfortable temperature. If your system works so then it will not be cost friendly.

Another way of saving energy cost and most viable way is to get your heating and cooling system cleaned professionally from time to time. There are lots of Professional duct cleaning services in Canada that offer reasonable air conditioning unit servicing and vent cleaning services that increases efficiency of air conditioners in Canadian summer and reduce running costs.

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