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Duct Cleaning Edmonton And Furnace Cleaning

A lot of people are in their early ages when it comes to knowledge about duct cleaning Edmonton may it be Residential & Commercial and hence here is where you need expert advice and guidance. Air duct and Furnace cleaning helps you maintain indoor health of your family. Pollutants due to indoor activities including cooking – cleaning – smoking cause exposure to contaminants.

We are one of the leading Furnace Cleaning companies in Edmonton.  Our certified professionals Duct Cleaning Edmonton are  experts who utilize state of the art technology ensuring green living environment for our entire clientele. Our experts at MightyCleanDucts.Com suggest the following checks which indicate that one should go for air duct cleaning now.

  • Considerable and visible mold growth on the hard surface of the air duct
  • Mold growth on heating and cooling components.
  • Visible vermin infected air ducts
  • Air duct is clogged with excess dust and debris; which eventually will get released indoors through supply components

We; MightyCleanDucts.Com are one of the leading air duct cleaning Edmonton service provider with the relevant state license according to 1996 act.

Our skills to clean air ducts and various other services are focused on improving the air quality of your home. Our stand alone equipments – effective yet safe process – dedicated and skilled team; all this together makes us stand apart from our competitors.

An expert from MightyCleanDucts.Com may conduct a professional inspection to the clean air needs of your home. You are a different individual and so is the house that you live in and hence the need of clean air also varies.

Our duct cleaning Edmonton expert examines and determines these needs during the inspection to suggest an appropriate solution.

What do we offer?

  • We ensure to open up access ports or doors and allow the entire system for inspection and cleaning.
  • Our experts thoroughly inspect systems to ensure no asbestos containing material is present in the cooling and heating components.
  • We all know that asbestos containing material needs specialized treatment by skilled professionals only.
  • We use vacuum equipment to exhaust dust and pollutant particles out of the house; while we are also equipped with equipment providing high-efficiency particle air (HEPA) wherever required.
  • We take appropriate care to protect your carpets and household equipment while the cleaning process is on.
  • We use well tuned equipment while brushing the ducts to make sure that vacuum cleaning extricates the dust and pollutant particles perfectly.
  • Using Power brush – Soft or hard bristled brushes appropriately for fiberglass ducts and so on.
  • Assurance of optimum protection of duct work – sealing and re insulation of access holes to make them air tight.
  • Suggesting whether Power whip & Rotor Cleaning; whichever is appropriate to the condition
  • Overall; we put in our sincere efforts to follow the NADCA standards for air duct cleaning Edmonton. We also follow NAIMA recommended practices for fiber glass air ducts.

Our Process:

  • Using drop sheets to ensure floors and carpets from cluttering.
  • Clean and seal off all the hot and cold air registers
  • Clean up all air filters – dryer vents – Hot Water Tanks – A/C Coils
  • Air Conditioning Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Using appropriate compressed air used to air blast all hot and cold air ducts
  • Cleaning up the plenums
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Disinfecting the duct work
  • Cleaning removable grills with soap and water
  • Wiping clean the inside of cold and hot air vents
  • Wiping clean the outside of furnace
  • Suggest and inform the customer on hot and cold equipment condition
Edmonton Furnace Clean Company:

When searching online for a reliable and professional Edmonton Furnace Cleaning company, you will end up with a huge list. Before you decide to select a duct cleaning Edmonton company to clean your ducts we recommend you check out their pricing and reputation. Most companies hide their charges with hidden terms and conditions. The advertised price is simply to get you into the door. What you end up paying is far more than you had bargained for. At Mighty Clean Ducts LTD, we believe in honesty and upfront pricing. We only charge you what we quote you. No gimmicks, no surprises. Call us now to get your Furnace Cleaned Professionally today.

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